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Future Entrepreneurs

Helping teens build the future of their Dreams  through Career Exploration & Skill Development

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt


Guest Speaker:

Erin Akey Nutritionist and owner of 1031 Meals

Satsuma Public Library Future Entrepreneurs Presents a Career Exploration Opportunity with guest speaker Erin Akey of 1031 meals.  Erin is a Nutritionist and she is the owner of 1031 Meals.  Erin said" I had so much fun speaking to a group of kids from Satsuma High School about the dangers of sugar and processed foods! I love seeing kids take an interest in what they are putting into their bodies". 


Future Entrepreneurs new teen program at Satsuma Library designed to help teens explore career opportunities and develop skills to build the future of their dreams. 


1031 meal guest speaker.jpg

Guest Speaker:

Karleigh Rae Horne

Photographer and Business Owner

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