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How can we help?

Connecting to the world around us! 

Environmental education raises awareness of issues impacting the environment that we depend on and helps us understand how we can improve and sustain it!

Share the Beach

Share the Beach volunteer, Debbie Harbin visited Satsuma Library to tell us all about this program and how we can help.

Share the Beach volunteers patrol the beach, educate the public and school groups, conduct late-night nest observations and assist with supply and equipment preparations. The dedicated volunteers of the Share the Beach program help ensure the support and protection of these popular endangered ocean creatures when they are just tiny turtles beginning their journey.

The objectives of the Alabama Coastal Foundation's Share the Beach program are:

  • To mitigate human-related impacts to sea turtles, especially the effects of artificial light pollution;

  • To monitor sea turtle nests and hatchlings on the Alabama Gulf Coast; and,

  • To promote the conservation of sea turtles in Alabama through public outreach and education.

Pease visit Share the Beach website below for more information. 


Mobile Bay Keeper

Bay Keeper volunteers came out to talk to us all about their mission and how we can make a difference.

Mobile Baykeeper has served the Mobile Bay area for 25 years. Their mission is to provide citizens a means to protect the beauty, health, and heritage of the Mobile Bay Watershed and our coastal communities.

Please visit Bay Keeper website below for more information.

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