Prime Time Library Club 

Prime Time Library Club meets the first Tuesday of most months, at 11 a.m. The library club hosts book signings, guest speakers, and other events. Some events include educational, inspirational, and artistic themes. No matter the theme, it is always entertaining. Free and open to all! Call the library to get on the mailing list.

(251) 679-0700

Book Signing Events in November


Library Club had a wonderful time ~
Book Folding Art With Ann Noble

Lauren K Denton Book Signing 2019
Linda Knowles Book Signing 2019
Mary Palmer News
Rebecca Barrett Book Signing
IMG_5122 (2).JPG
Book Signing with Linda Knowles March 2018
Mary Palmer Book Signing
Linda Knowles Book Signing
Kathie Farnell Book Signing
Jane Patrick Walls Book Signing
Paula Webb Book Signing